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"Most Powerful HGH Supplements Ever Created"


Thanks to our company's breakthrough in homeopathic molecular technology in the 1990s, HGH supplements have been available in a safe and easy to use oral supplement. We are confident you will enjoy lasting results from our remarkable products and are excited to have them available for you to purchase.

Rejuvenate 2000's HGH supplements were originally designed for athletes and bodybuilders. They were described as one of the most revolutionary anti-aging products in the world shortly after releasing the first oral HGH supplements, in 1998.


Since then, thousands of people have experienced the wonder of our unique growth hormone formulas. To our good fortune, we have been continually recognized as one of the most innovative and effective HGH supplements available today!

"The first medically proven way to lose fat, gain muscle, enhance sex life, decrease wrinkles, prevent disease and reverse the aging process by stimulating the body’s human growth hormone (HGH)" 

Dr. Klatz - Grow young with HGH


Growth Hormone is a product of the Pituitary. It is a specific chain of 191 amino acids. Along with other growth factors, binding proteins and releaser hormones (precursors), growth hormone plays a direct or indirect role in the metabolic process of virtually every cell in the human body. The youthful, healthy body releases (in pulses) growth hormone between 10-30 times per day. As we age, these pulses and the amount of growth hormone released begins to decrease. There are a number of physiological and environmental factors that influence the outcome. Research in this area and the knowledge gained from it, has greatly increased over the last decade.

Why take Growth Hormone?

For years movie stars and top athletes have been paying doctors $1000’s a month for injections of growth hormone because it helps them to look and stay younger! Growth hormone has been researched for 60 years and it’s rejuvenating, regenerating effects on the human body have been documented in thousands of scientific papers. Now, by taking Rejuvenate 2000's HGH supplements, you can soon enjoy increased health and a much more youthful appearance as it gradually returns your growth hormone levels to what they were when you were young - all for a fraction of the cost of other HGH products!


Throughout the years, different products, all promising to make us feel and look younger have bombarded us. What is the secret to staying young? Has the answer been found? Quite possibly, yes, and it lies within the human body itself. Many studies have been conducted that show aging directly corresponds to a lack of growth hormone. We believe this is true, and so we invite you to embark on a journey to find what people have been searching for since the beginning of time. Read on and discover why growth hormone may be the closest we have ever come to the Fountain of Youth.

Does Homeopathic HGH have side effects?

Basically, there are no known side effects of homeopathic HGH. However, if you are on insulin, you may require a smaller dosage. We suggest you consult your physician. If you are taking Hormonal Replacement Therapy you may be able to reduce your dosage under the supervision of your doctor. It has been reported in some cases that these therapies are no longer needed when taking homeopathic HGH, but please consult your physician before making that assumption. Additional information on Rejuvenate 2000's HGH can be found in our FAQ section which covers a variety of topics.

Rejuvenate 2000 guarantees satisfaction.

Yes! If you are not completely satisfied with the results that you receive from taking Rejuvenate 2000 products within 90 days of trying it, simply return the unused portion to Rejuvenate 2000 and you will receive a full refund. All Rejuvenate 2000 formulas contain pharmaceutical-grade active ingredients of the highest quality. We use strict manufacturing standards that include identity and purity testing of all raw ingredients, water, and final batches before we send them to you. All of our formulas have Federal Drug Code numbers printed on the label and are listed with the FDA.

Growth hormone is produced by the pituitary gland.

Growth hormone promotes tissue repair, cell regeneration in the bones, muscles and vital organs, and supports the immune system in combating infection and disease. As we age, our growth hormone levels decline to a fraction of the levels of our youth. Many in modern medicine believe that supplementing our diets with homeopathic growth hormone is an effective way to avoid the diseases and conditions associated with aging and improve vitality and appearance. Rejuvenate 2000's HGH supplements have been formulated to increase the body’s natural production of growth hormone to maximize health and fitness without the use of prescription drugs. Each product has been lab tested and comes with our unconditional guarantee of potency and effectiveness.

HGH levels reach their peak during childhood and begin to drop with each passing year.

Our HGH supplements are designed uniquely for men and women


"My moods are upbeat and my energy went through the roof!  I actually began waking up with a smile and unbridled vigor. It became easier and more fun to do my workout.  My sex drive took off and suddenly, at 32, I felt like a teenager again!  I can see and feel my muscles getting cut, especially my abs.  I am now preparing to take on the U.S. Champion for his title.  Good thing I have Rejuvenate 2000 in my corner."  Mike Marinoble - West Coast Kickboxing Champion. 


"Better sleep was the first benefit that I noticed. Just a few days after beginning, we both experienced a definite increase in our energy levels and a more positive mental mood. We workout several days a week and are involved in a physically demanding business. We have both experienced tremendous increases in muscle mass, energy level, and endurance."  Steve & Alice Kamp - Weekend Warriors.


"One of the first things I noticed was improved recovery time from physical activity that would normally leave me sore for two days. Several friends have commented that I look younger and have better skin tone. A few people have mentioned that my hair seems thicker. I am beginning to realize that I am coming up with more creative ideas when performing and I have become more approachable to audiences."  James Cohen - Jazz Guitarist.


HGH on Dateline, Oprah Winfrey, and CNN.

Read below for a brief explanation of the science behind HGH supplements. “Your body’s natural HGH is a complex hormone composed of 191 amino acids. In 1990 a ground-breaking (and oft-cited) study was published by Dr. Rudman in the New England Journal of Medicine. Using a controlled double-blind six-month study, Dr. Rudman discovered that, between two groups of men with identical diets and exercise programs, the study group was given injectable synthetic HGH had an 8.8% increase in lean muscle mass and a 14.4% decrease in body fat over the other group! The test group also reported improvements in sleep, energy levels, and skin and muscle tone. These results prompted many companies to attempt to reproduce the results achieved with prescription HGH in non-prescription supplements.

It is important to realize that the results you see reported by many HGH manufacturers stem from the original study done using prescription HGH. The HGH supplements advertised today do not use prescription HGH, but rather fall into two general categories, homeopathic HGH and HGH Releasers.

Homeopathic HGH supplements use small amounts of actual synthetic human growth hormone to spur the body’s natural production of its own human growth hormone. These products tend to have the best results of the non-prescription products. The Food and Drug Administration closely regulates the amount of homeopathic human growth hormone that can be included without a prescription. Any company claiming to have comparable levels of HGH as found in a prescription injection are either misleading the consumer or violating federal law.

HGH Will Turbo-charge Your Results!

if you do decide to watch what you eat, two studies done at the University of North Carolina by Dr. David Clemmons show that HGH causes a 25% acceleration in the rate of fat loss above and beyond the effects of diet alone... in just six to eleven weeks.

HGH Will Melt the Fat From Around Your Midsection!

Trying to lose fat around the midsection is like trying to move mountains for all of us as we get older. This is where HGH may show the greatest power. With HGH, the greatest loss occurs in the fat around the midsection, an area that is linked with increased risk of heart attack and has implications for type 2 diabetes. So, not only can HGH help give you that lean, tight middle we all desire and admire, it could help you stay around longer to enjoy it.

HGH Takes 10 to 20 Years Off Your Face.

HGH has been described as the closest you can get to having a facelift without going under the knife. It is the only known age-reversing treatment that actually makes people look younger! “If you give someone HGH you improve the collagen synthesis and increase the muscle mass under the wrinkles. You are really doing medical cosmetic plastic surgery. However, unlike a facelift or chemical peel, the hands, feet and all the skin of the body experience age reversal.” Dr. Chein, HGH expert.

HGH Dramatically Improve Your Skin.

HGH stimulates the activation of skin proteins like collagen and elastin, which form the foundation of your skin. Our body goes from being made up of about 90% water when we have smooth baby skin to as low as 40% as we age. “This drying out of the body is reversed almost immediately with HGH” – Dr. Elmer Cranton. As we age, our skin becomes papery thin and loses its firm texture. However, the New England Journal of Medicine reports that six months of HGH use increased skin thickness 7.1%. This is amazing!

HGH - What are some of the published benefits?

*The New England Journal of Medicine (1990: volume #323)

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  • Restoring muscle mass

  • Decreasing body fat

  • Sleep deeper

  • Improving memory

  • Restoring lost hair

  •  Restoring hair color

  • Increasing energy

  • Improving cholesterol profile

  • Restoring the size of the heart

  • Improving vision

  • Reducing wrinkles

  •  Improve mood and sleep

  • Increasing cardiac output

  • Improving immune function

  • Increasing mental function

  • Increasing sex drive

More benefits found with increasing HGH levels

  •  Increase Energy Level

  • Lose Fat and Gain Muscle

  • Improves Sleep and Relaxation

  • Improves Cholesterol Levels

  • Improves Kidney Function

  • Improves Immune Function

  • Increase Memory

  • Increases Muscle Mass, Density & Tone

  • Increase Strength, Energy, and Endurance

  • Lowers Body Fat

  • Skin & Hair Improved

  • Strengthens Immune System

  • Help Create Stronger Bones

  • Lowers Blood Pressure

  • Reduces Wrinkles and Smoother Skin

  • Improves Sex Drive and Performance

  • Improves Immune and Heart Function

  • Improves Brain Function and Memory

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The HGH European Cosmetic Study

A landmark study showing improvements in cosmetic appearance was conducted at the Academy of General Medicine of Belgium by Thierry Hertoghe, M.D., President of the European Academy of Quality of Life and Longevity Medicine. The study yielded the following results:

HGH Cosmetic Study Results.

  • Reduction of facial wrinkles 71.0%

  • Firmer cheeks 75.5%

  • Firmer Chin 62.5%

  • Firmer Tricep Skin 60.7%

  • Flattening of Abdominals 48.0%

  • The youthfulness of aged hands improved 41.6%

  • Fat around knee area reduced 41.2%

  • Thin lips made fuller 25.0%

Here's what International ABCC Federation Body Building Champion has to say about our HGH Formula.

"I was one of Rejuvenate 2000's original HGH test subjects in 1998. He designed for me a special HGH Athletic Formula with Testosterone to aid in my intense training schedule. I now have been taking Rejuvenate 2000's HGH formulas for over 4 years and my results continue to be quite productive. I have worked with several nutritionists and have taken more products than I care to name to get the size and muscle definition needed for competitive bodybuilding. Never have I had something that was so easy to take and carry that was so quick and effective as Rejuvenate 2000's HGH formulas. My body fat levels dropped within the first few months without any change in diet. When I was a competitive bodybuilder I  had to diet drastically for this kind of change. Whether you are a middle-aged professional or a weekend warrior this will be an excellent product. I continue to be excited about the results and love sharing it with the people I train."  Robert Roos - Hawaii - Former National and International ABCC Federation Body Building Champion.

HGH Boosts Energy

HGH is reported to give you a significant boost in energy.


1. A Palm Springs Study noted a whopping 84% improvement.

2. Researchers in London also found HGH had a dramatic effect in increasing energy and a sense of well being.

3. Swedish researchers noted that within a few weeks of HGH usage people had increased energy levels, better mood, greater concentration and improved memory.

Better Sleep with HGH!

HGH also restores deep sleep. Normal sleep patterns are dependent on HGH, which explains why we get more tired as we age. It is well recognized that there is a tremendous reduction in deep sleep in the elderly. They dream less, wake up more frequently during the night and have trouble getting back to sleep. With HGH, they report a great improvement in their sleep and a feeling of being well rested.

HGH increases Strength and Stamina!

Studies show that HGH boosts strength by 88% and exercise performance by 81% Now that you’re feeling so energetic you may want to use that energy participating in some form of exercise or activity. If you do, there’s great news ahead. You’ll be stronger and have much better stamina and endurance when you do!

Improve Sexual Performance & Libido with HGH!

Studies show that HGH Restores Sexual Desire, Improves Sexual Performance and Heightens Satisfaction and Enjoyment. It would be hard to credit the claims of sexual prowess to HGH if they weren’t so consistent. To a person, they report that the sexual falling off with age is reversed to what it was in their twenties and thirties! The decline in male potency parallels the decline in HGH production in the body.


HGH levels and sexual potency peak during puberty when we’re almost always thinking about sex and then decreases through adulthood. In a clinical study of over 200 individuals, over 75% of the men reported improvement in sexual potency and frequency, while 62% reported longer lasting erections. “In fact, in interviews with people who use HGH for anti-aging purposes, almost everyone, male and female, reports improvements in libido and sexual function. Married couples need help after years of being together, this is a great all natural solution, with no side effects.

Rejuvenate 2000 is safe and effective.

Rejuvenate 2000’s HGH is a completely safe homeopathic solution based on over 200 years of medical science unlike other products that are jumping on the HGH bandwagon with virtually no science or thought of whether their formulas are safe, our research led us to one very easy conclusion… The best and safest way to naturally get the benefits of HGH is with homeopathy.


Rejuvenate 2000’s HGH has no toxicity or side effects associated with it as it uses a unique blend of the highest quality ingredients available that are clinically proven to work. It encourages your body to bring itself into youthful balance and release optimum, higher amounts of HGH, like you did when you were in your teens and twenties. You are simply instructing your own body to naturally and safely produce optimum levels of its own age -reversing hormone.


A ground-breaking book about homeopathy and HGH entitled "Feeling Younger With Homeopathic HGH": The Leading Edge for Anti Aging, written by Dr. H.A. Davis, concluded:


"In our view, homeopathy takes HGH to the safest, most sophisticated level ever seen. It combines years of scientific research with the benefits of safety and effectiveness."

Homeopathy is popular around the world.

Homeopathy is the most popular form of alternative medicine in which small doses (dilutions) of natural substances are used to stimulate the body to do something for itself, like increasing its own output of HGH as it did when you were younger.

Homeopathic HGH has an incredible safety record!

1. Homeopathics are safe, effective and gentle, and an FDA ruling in 1938 is a testament to these features. The FDA has no "official" opinion on the efficacy of homeopathics, only its safety.

2. No homeopathic remedy since its inception in the 1800s has ever been recalled because it harmed someone.

3. Homeopathic formulas are not known to interfere with any other remedy, supplement or medicine that an individual might take.

Lower quality HGH products.

The effectiveness of a natural HGH product is tied directly to the quality of ingredients used, along with controlled manufacturing methods, and a well-researched formulation in specific quantities designed to heighten effectiveness. If it doesn’t contain any HGH or uses inferior quality raw ingredients or isn’t manufactured at a premium facility using strict standards, it’s going to be cheaper. But would you want to put it in your body? Inferior products give inferior results.


Rejuvenate 2000’s HGH contains pharmaceutical-grade active ingredients of the highest quality and we use strict manufacturing standards that include identity and purity testing of all raw ingredients, water, and final batches before we send them to you. All of our formulas have Federal Drug Code numbers on the label and are listed with the FDA.

Human Growth Hormone and Women

In general, menopause could start as early as after 30 years old or as late as over 60 years old. The regular function of ovaries will gradually disappear. The supply of female hormone will also decrease to the lowest point. The physical change occurs to most females during age 46 to 56. The average age for menopause is 51.  

The lower level of hormone will result in the changes of the human body. The most apparent symptoms are an irregular cycle or lesser volume during the menstruation, or it comes to a complete stop. The menopause is confirmed after one full year of the discontinuation of female menstruation. It is always the case that every woman will face the menopause before 70 years old. We have seen remarkable results from using Homeopathic HGH with our female clients that are experiencing hormonal imbalance.

There are several menopause symptoms that may occur during each stage even though they may not appear in each individual female:


A. Initial Stage:


1. Hot flash and night sweat: 75% female will have these symptoms. When it occurs, you will feel faster heartbeat and night sweat as if a torch were put in front of you. It often occurs during sleep time and will interrupt the entire sleep.


2. The maladjustment of self-restraint nerve system will also result in insomnia and emotional reactions such as depression, irritation, anxiety, and constant worry. In the meantime, the feeling of disharmony of sexual life, emotional loneliness, and unhappiness to face the public will also appear.


B. Later/Final Stage:


1. Due to the reduced secretion of female hormone over time, skin texture tends to be inelastic and dry. Wrinkles will show up especially on the face.


2. For the same reason, the thinner and atrophic epidermis tissues of the urethra and vagina may easily cause the inflammation of urethra and vagina. The reduced secretion of Hormone will also keep the vagina dry and may increase the pain, resistance, and fear for sexual intimacy.

HGH and Osteoporosis.

Imagine our body frame as a house. When the density of the bone is getting lower, it is like a house that only has sands without sufficient concrete. Once there is any exterior injury, it is very easy to cause bone fracture. Due to the lack of the hormone, our entire body will not have sufficient calcium. Usually, when the bone fracture occurs we realize the senior patient may have suffered from Osteoporosis for a long time. The solution is to increase the intake of HGH.

HGH and Cardiovascular Disease.

Based on the statistics, the possibility of having cardiovascular diseases greatly increased after menopause. The bad (low density) cholesterol will grow while the good (high density) cholesterol will diminish. This will greatly increase the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases. By taking HGH, the situation will be reversed.

HGH and Alzheimer Disease.

As revealed by the medical report, taking HGH will greatly reduce the potentiality of having Alzheimer disease. The reasons are that HGH can rebuild our nerve systems and fight against any aging.

Human Growth Hormone and Men

If middle-aged males start showing symptoms of irritability or falling asleep while watching TV, it is a sign of bodily hormonal changes. In the past, very few people are aware of this link or they just do not want to admit it. However, modern medical doctors are telling us not to doubt anymore that hormonal change in middle-aged males is a fact. A decrease in male hormone secretion can cause symptoms of irritability, depression, moodiness, and loss of sexual interests.


Physically, patients may feel tired easily, lacking energy, and falling asleep while watching TV. Usually, they do not notice these symptoms themselves. It is their spouses who become alerted. Besides a decline in physical strengths, patients will also experience bone fragility, joint pain, sore muscles and heart problems. Hormonal changes are not as universally recognized in middle-aged males as in females, mainly because the symptoms in males do not occur suddenly around age 49 as in many females. The decrease in hormone production in males takes place gradually over several years. Sometimes it can happen to males as young as 35 years old.

New England Journal Study

The New England Journal of Medicine published the clinical findings of Daniel Rudman, MD, regarding his HGH human growth hormone research on the anti-aging effects of HGH. His findings were astonishing.


Dr. Rudman studied patients age 61 to 81 at the Medical College of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. After six months, Dr. Rudman observed a reversal of the aging process from 10 to 20 years in the patients who received HGH. But in the control group (those who didn't receive HGH), the normal aging process continued.


Other HGH human growth hormone research clinical studies performed over the past 30 years have demonstrated that HGH can allow users to lose fat, build muscle mass, improve sexual performance, remove wrinkles, eliminate cellulite, and increase immune function when taken through intra-muscular injections. HGH is the master hormone which is secreted by the pituitary gland and is responsible for directly and indirectly balancing the body's critical hormones.


A recent outcome based HGH human growth hormone research study revealed that 75% of subjects experienced a 41% average increase in IGF-1 levels (an indicator of growth hormone levels). In addition, there was lowered cholesterol in an average of 11% in 90% of the cases, and 80% of the subjects experienced an average 29% reduction in tryglicerides (fat), reflecting better overall health.

• 14.4% loss of body fat on average

• 8.8% increase in lean muscle mass

• Re-growth of organs that shrink with age

• Greater Cardiac Output

• Superior Immune Function

• Increased Exercise Performance

• Better Kidney Function

• Lowered Blood Pressure

• Improved Cholesterol Profile

• Stronger Bones

• More Rapid Healing

• Younger, Tighter, Thicker Skin

• Mood Elevation

• Increased Memory Retention

V. A. Medical Center and Department of Medicine, Stanford University Medical Center:


"It is possible that chronic physiologic GH and/or IGF-I replacement therapy might reverse (or prevent) some of these 'inevitable' sequelae of aging". (Study of HGH therapy for the elderly - March 1992.)

More Rejuvenate 2000 Testimonials

“I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism following my hysterectomy. I was experiencing insomnia, irregular blood pressure, depression, anxiety, weak bladder, hair loss, low libido, and general fatigue. I was considering taking antidepressants so my chiropractor suggested I try your product first. Just weeks after trying your oral human growth hormone formula, I was feeling myself again. My sex drive has returned and my mood swings and allergies have gone away.”  Beth M., Miami


“I was going through a midlife crisis. I had weak adrenals, an enlarged prostate, my HDL, LDL, triglyceride, and testosterone levels were all off balance. My liver and kidneys were overworked, I had acne for the first time in my life and I began to experience mild symptoms of erectile dysfunction. I was concerned that I might have cancer. I went to a local men's health clinic and one of the doctors suggested mild steroid use as a form of anti-aging therapy. That scared me. Instead, I started taking HGH Power Up for men and I began feeling my energy returning within days. My skin condition went away within 3 weeks and my organs started functioning with less stress. My ED is gone and I'm smiling much more about the simple things in life. I love your HGH formula and have been telling everyone to try your product.” Mark S., Denver


“I have had hypoglycemia and high blood pressure my whole life. My blood sugar has always been up and down and I have chronic fatigue. MY PSA levels were off and I have pain throughout my body. My cholesterol is high, my thyroid is low and I have periodic impotence. I tried DHEA with little results. Your Rejuvenate 2000 - HGH formula for men was recommended to me by a friend that has been taking it for over 6 years. I felt it the very first day. By the 2nd week, I was sleeping deeper than I can ever remember. My fatigue is much less frequent and my blood pressure is normal. Your product is really amazing!” William H., San Diego


“I am beginning Menopause. My doctor said I was pre-diabetic and had gall bladder and pituitary problems. I have been worried that I may have to take insulin. I have night sweats, difficult periods and am beginning to experience mild arthritis. I visited a women's health clinic and they told me about your HGH PLUS for women. I have been taking it now for over 6 months and feel 100% better. I am no longer considering hormone replacement therapy and my blood tests look much closer to normal.” Julie J., Boston


“I have been showing symptoms of perimenopause. My estrogen, androgen, and progesterone levels are out of balance. Rejuvenate 2000's HGH PLUS for women helped to balance my system. I feel great from this one simple product.” Karen P., San Francisco


“I had my first child 3 months ago. I have been experiencing postpartum depression. I have symptoms that look like a variety of endocrine disorders. I was concerned that my ovaries were having problems. My glucose was off balance and I was considering bioidentical hormone therapy. A local sexual health clinic suggested I try HGH supplements. I started taking HGH PLUS for women a few weeks ago and I can't believe how much better I feel!”  Mary D., London

In the largest study ever done on HGH, where over 200 people used HGH for six months, Dr. Edmund Chein reported the following amazing results:

Look at these amazing test results!

Results from a study: [Effects of Growth Hormone administration on 202 patients ages 39-74] L. Casserry M.D., Ph.D. and Edmund Chein, M.D., Medical College of Wisconsin and Palm Springs Life Extension Institute. Dr. Chein of the Life Extension Institute studied 202 patients that he treated with hgh. Here are the results:

Patients reported improvement in the following areas:

• Attitude Toward Life 78%

• Back Flexibility 83%

• Body Fat Loss 82%

• Duration of Penile Erection 62%

• Emotional Stability 67%

• Exercise Tolerance 81%

• Frequency of Nighttime Urination 57%

• Hot Flashes 58%

• Healing Capacity 71%

• Healing of Other Injuries 61%

• Sexual Potency and Frequency 75%

• Strength, Exercise & Body Fat 88% 

• Muscle Size 81%

• Menstrual Cycle Regulation 39%

• Skin & Hair Care, Skin Texture 71%

• Skin Thickness 68%

• Muscle Strength 88%

• Skin Elasticity 71%

• Wrinkle Disappearance 61%

• New Hair Growth 38%

• Energy, Emotions & Memory Levels 84%

• Memory 62%

• Resistance to Common Illness 73%

HGH and Bodybuilding

Many experts feel that supplementation with growth hormones offers exciting possibilities to adult bodybuilders, especially over thirty. They should not be taken by anyone aged under twenty. In the past growth hormone was available only in injectable form but recent years have seen the development of advanced delivery systems, like homeopathic oral HGH.


That's all very well, but do these supplements have any place in bodybuilding? To answer this, we'll need to look first at what growth hormones actually do.


Human Growth Hormone is responsible for the regulation of insulin, protein synthesis, transportation of amino acids across cell membranes and fat metabolism. Clearly, these are processes that are of relevance to serious bodybuilders. Users have reported higher energy levels, enhanced libido, and greater cardiac output. In addition, superior immune function, lowering of blood pressure and improved cholesterol levels have been documented. Add in other potential benefits like improved sleep, shorter recovery times, quicker regeneration of damaged muscles and you can begin to understand why some experts are excited by the possibilities offered to bodybuilders.


Please Note: Consumers should be cautious of buying products sold over the internet that do not offer a legitimate money back guarantee. We are so confident that you will be pleased with the results of our products that we offer a complete satisfaction, money back guarantee!

None of our statements have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. All products sold on this web site are intended for adults over the age of 18 and are not to be used by children under the age of 18. We do not have any clinical studies backing up our claims. Individual results will vary. Do not use more than the daily dose recommended on the label of each product. Please speak with your primary care physician before purchasing or starting the use of any supplement.

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